Quiet People…

Quiet People...

I just started Infinite Jest so the review will probably take a while. i might read another easy one on the side to give me some breaks. Until then heres one of my favorite Stephen Hawking quotes.

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Summer reading

Summer reading

I just started reading House of Leaves, and I’ll most likely write a review in the next couple of weeks. I’m looking to add more books to my list if I can keep up this pace. Infinite Jest could be tougher than I expect though. We’ll see how it goes.

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For all of you writers

For all of you writers

This Vonnegut quote gave me the courage to major in English in college despite the fact that so many people urged me of its impracticality.

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My favorite poem :)

It may not possess the depth or complexity of Robert Frost or T.S. Eliot, but it’s still my favorite. Hope you like it too :)


So it goes.

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